Walker Lab News

June, 2019: $55k in NSBI Voucher funding awarded for applied mycology projects with industry partners L’Acadie Vineyards, Dykeview Farms and 4Deep Holographic Imaging!

Congrats Tyler d’Entremont on successfully defending your MSc on belowground saltmarsh fungi!

May, 2019: Congrats & welcome new NSERC USRA Hons students Caryn Cooper, Cole Vail & Nicole Smith! Welcome new Hons Hazel Miles.

June, 2018: Congratulations Hons student Rebecca Dodge on Blomidon Naturalists Society award in support of your research! Congratulations MSc student Adele Bunbury-Blanchette on your travel award to present your research at the Canadian Phytopathological Society in Quebec City!

May, 2018: Congratulations first Walker lab MSc student to defend, Adele Bunbury-Blanchette! Welcome new Hons students Philicity Byers, Victoria Taylor, Jake Reicker and Rebecca Dodge, and new MSc Sarah Adams! Dr Walker acknowledges MBL & the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for her participation in a great Marine Fungi workshop at Woods Hole Biological Laboratory.

April, 2018: Dr Walker presented at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Ocean Springs, MS, then she & the team presented at the Great Lakes Spring Meeting in Mycology at Queen’s U Biological Station in Ontario (Walker, Adams, d’Entremont, Bunbury-Blanchette, Winder). New open access Hons research from the Walker lab: http://www.facetsjournal.com/doi/10.1139/facets-2017-0066

March, 2018: Congrats Hons students John Tweedie, Rhys Winder and Jacqueline Bradbury on defending your theses and presenting at Science Atlantic Environment Conference! (research student Deniz Divanli, Bradbury and Tweedie)

2018: New Hons research published from the Walker lab! https://www.eaglehill.us/NENAonline/articles/NENA-25-1/14-Walker.shtml

August, 2017: new paper in press at Fungal Biology! The homothallic mating-type locus of the conifer needle endophyte Phialocephala scopiformis DAOMC 229536 (Order Helotiales) https://doi.org/10.1016/j.funbio.2017.08.007 Student authors Brent Robicheau and Adele Bunbury-Blanchette

July, 2017: new invited book chapter published, Marine Fungi, for Wiley Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, with co-authors Maria Gonzalez and Patricia Velez

July, 2017: Dr Walker and Tyler, Sarah, and Adele present their research at the Mycological Society of America Annual Meeting in Athens, Georgia and reunion with Walker lab alum Brandon Landry, now MSc student at UBC

April, 2017: Dr Walker and Tyler, Sarah, Brent and Adele present their research at the Great Lakes Mycology Meeting at the Queen’s University Biological Station; Tyler wins Best Undergraduate Talk award

April, 2017: Dr Walker gets her 5 year NSERC Discovery grant – on her birthday!

March, 2017: Cardy, Tyler and Medina successfully defend their Honours theses

February, 2017: Dr Walker gives invited Marine Sciences seminar on marine fungi at Universidad de Costa Rica in San Jose

January, 2017: Sarah Adams and Dr Walker present on keratin-degrading fungi associated with Canadian High Arctic Bird Feathers at the Canadian Museum of Nature Arctic Biodiversity Symposium in Ottawa

December, 2016: New publication in Fungal Biology led by students Brent Robicheau and Alex Young, started as a Research Topics class, comparative fungal mitochondrial genomics of an important fungus found in healthy spruce needles that provides protection against spruce budworm. update: wins Best Student Paper in Mycology (Weresub) Award from Canadian Botanical Association

November, 2016: The Walker lab embarks upon an inventory of all Maritime fleshy fungi for CWS and Dr Walker is elected Annapolis Valley Regional Director of the NS Mycological Society

November, 2016: Tyler and Honorary Fungal Dream Team member Sarah Fancy give presentations on their Hons research involving fungi at the Blomidon Naturalists Society meeting

November, 2016: Cardy Saunders presents Hons research on mercury in Nova Scotia lichens at SETAC World meeting in Orlando Florida.

October, 2016: Dr. Walker gives an invited talk at Dalhousie University (Biology seminar series) about the biodiversity and crude oil degradation potential of seawater fungi

October, 2016: Dr. Walker, Dr. O’Driscoll and Dr. Murimboh receive 2 years of funding from the Arthur L. Irving Academy of Environmental Science to continue studies on contaminant accumulation in lichens

October, 2016: Dr. Walker, Dr. Lopez and Dr. Browne receive 2 years of funding from the Arthur L. Irving Academy of Environmental Science to continue studies of wetland plant-fungal interactions and native plant propagation for restoration

September, 2016: New publication in Fungal Biology Reviews that grew from an invitation to a International Working Group on Marine Fungi at UPEI in Aug 2014– updated definitions of marine and marine-derived fungi, of use to the field of natural products discovery

September, 2016: New publication in Botanica Marina with students Amy Salamone and Brent Robicheau – first study of fungi in naturally occurring marine biofilms

September, 2016: Dr. Walker gives keynote address at annual NS Mycological Society Foray, along with co-keynote speaker Dr Malloch, her original mentor in mycology!

August, 2016: The Fungal Dream Team embark upon a collaboration with the Mallory lab, looking at fungal associates of feathers from high arctic birds

August, 2016: Dr. Walker gives invited talk at the Mycological Society of America annual meeting in Berkeley, California and a second talk on fungal endophytes of the endangered Eastern Mountain Avens from Brier Island, Nova Scotia. Brent gives a comparative genomics poster and Dr Walker gives a poster on collaborative taxonomic work on the fungal family Gnomoniaceae, with collaborators in the US and Japan

August, 2016: Farewell to Alex Young (Hons BSc. Biology ’16) as you embark upon a MSc in Bioinformatics at STFX on scholarship!

August, 2016: Dr Walker and Dr Easy lead the 2016 Aug Natural History and Field Biology course on the island with 10 students, with modules by Drs Walker, Easy, Shutler, Avery, and DNR.

August, 2016: Dr Walker gives an invited talk to the public at the Brier Island Big Meadow Restoration Open House on Geum peckii endophytes

July, 2016: The Walker lab assists with Bon Portage Island Field Station cleanup in preparation for the 2016 field course

July, 2016: Support received for Fusarium basal rot of onion project (InnovaCorp, Growing Forward 2)

May, 2016: Welcome new Hons student Tyler D’Entrement! Tyler will be studying arbuscular mycorrhizae in Spartina saltmarsh plant roots of the Minas Basin

May, 2016: Welcome new MSc NSERC CGS student Adele Bunbury-Blanchette! Adele will be investigating bio-control strategies for Fusarium basal rot of onion, which threatens the NS onion industry

May, 2016: Congrats to first four Walker lab Hons graduates Sarah, Brandon, Sadie and Alex! Sarah Adams wins Top Medal in Environmental Science for her work on Geum peckii endophytes. Farewell Brandon Landry (Hons BSc. Biology ’16) as you embark upon your MSc at UBC Botany! (NSERC CGS)

April, 2016: Dr Walker awarded Acadia FPAS Early Career Researcher Award

April, 2016: Dr. Walker, Hons students Sarah Adams, Alex Young, Brandon Landry and Lab Manager Brent Robicheau travel to Ottawa and then Queen’s University Biological Station to present their research at the 36th Annual Great Lakes – St Lawrence Spring Mycology Meeting. Brandon is awarded Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation.

April, 2016: 12-month ECO Research Internship awarded to Dr Walker and Brent Robicheau; 6-month CleanTech Research internship awarded to Dr Walker and Sarah Adams.

January, 2016: Welcome new Hons student Cardy Saunders! Cardy will be DNA barcoding NS lichens and studying their utility as passive biomonitors of atmospheric mercury, with co-supervisor Dr. O’Driscoll and provincial lichenologist Rob Cameron

October, 2015: Dr. Walker gives two invited talks in coastal Mississippi and Alabama and conducts fieldwork in the Gulf of Mexico with collaborators Dr Biber and Dr Sherman, in search of an enigmatic seagrass parasite

October, 2015: Dr. Walker and Dr. O’Driscoll receive funding from the Arthur L. Irving Academy of Environmental Science to fund a study on mercury accumulation in lichens

April, 2015: Dr. Walker receives funding from NS Museum Species-At-Risk, SAGE and DNR Habitat Conservation Fund in support of endophyte work of the endangered Eastern Mountain Avens

March, 2015: Sadie Moland and Brandon Landry awarded NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards to examine biochar-fungal-native wetland plant interactions and DNA barcoding of seawater fungi with screening for hydrocarbon degradation ability, respectively, for their upcoming Hons research (Co-supervisor Dr Stewart)

March, 2015: Dr. Walker awarded Mycological Society of America Martin-Baker Early Career Mycologist Award

December, 2014: Dr. Walker receives funding from the Arthur L. Irving Academy of Environmental Science for a pilot project on the diversity and crude-oil degrading potential of seawater fungi